Elephant Collective 04.11.18

“EC - Session Notes”


The session is preceded by a ninety minute conference call regarding cloud security with cyber consultant Bob Nevans.

Cellist Phil Norman arrives in the studio to lay down tracks on my songs “Shadow of the Horse” and “The Pendulum.” #newmusic

Producer/Engineer Evan Reeves flips toggle switches and twists knobs like an airline pilot mid flight while co-pilot George Lacson mans the DAW.

Phil riffs and develops his part quickly, but I have enough time to focus on my core by sky swimming on an old piano stool in the control room. 

Our favorite session groupie, Kenze, sits on the couch and contributes contrapuntal ideas.  She takes a break to shoot a Instagram vid and make green tea.

George left the studio awhile back for a rehearsal in Denver but forgot his bass guitar. #BeenThere

The stacked cello on The Pendulum’s choruses begs to siphon the ambivalence aye. The final section houses cluster chords clearly troubling Kenze’s harmonic aesthetic, but the rest of us enjoy it. Pizzicato notes on the verses reinforce the swing.

The cello fiddles the Shadows of the Horse theme. Not an easy thing to do on a bass instrument. Riffs across the chorus chords add depth.

Kenze adds a vocal harmony highlight to the back half of the verses. She’d previously laid down stacked backing vocals to thicken the chorus.

Signal Path:

Cello - Soundelux iFET7 > Grace Design m101 > vintage Manley ELOP (new-old stock Mullards, retrofitted by Peter None Custom Technologies).

Harmony vocal - Soundelux iFET7(i)* > Daking 52270 Mic Pre/EQ > Empirical Labs EL8X Distressor w Brit Mod

*Producer Evan Reeves notes that he loves this mic for silky female BV’s