Reflections from the Road (09/18/16) - Fish Creek, WI

Time moves slowly in Door County.  Most conversations here seem to herald exclamations for the starting quarterback of the local football team.  On the surface, this region caters to tourists, flocking in from all surrounding urban corridors....  Yet the artisan wind chimes, lawn doylies, marble fudge and espresso that is just plain too sweet, is but a fool hardy cover up for what truly occurs.  The real magic of Door County is encapsulated by its White Cedar and Hemlock trees, which line the Eagle Bluff on its infamous Green Bay.  Two seagulls venture endlessly at low vectors, just to see if their flight patterns might affect the melody of a bayside wind-chime.  When the tourists leave as the water freezes over, a man left behind might be surprised that tooks are not only worn in Canada; After turkey hunting season ends, they can also be seen at the Friday night fish fry in Door County Wisconsin.